European Academy “ERICTA” in Armenia

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10 Davit Anhaght0037 Yerevan, ARMENIA

Tell:  374 10 24-63-71


About us

European Regional Academy of inter-state, non-profit foundation aimed profits, which graduate and post-graduate education in addition also offers European educational standards of professional training and qualification courses, as well as in Yerevan and the regions College (vocational) education programs.
YETA in a state institution, was established in a number of European countries, educational institutions with contracts and agreements concluded on the basis of the project life is called the Government in 2001. October 15, the decision N 978 of the Government of YETA’s founding party.


  • Armenian and European combines educational programs with international standards
  • Innovative educational technologies
  • Regional cooperation and regional dialogue confirms Armenia and neighboring countries between educational institutions
  • Preparation of a competitive workforce – and for the countries of the region
  • Offer a competitive learning
  • Trilingual education programs
  • Participation in European educational integration processes
  • Flexible subject programs satisfy the requirements of the market
  • Availability of the best technical base
  • Formation of multilingual communication skills

National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

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National Academy of Sciences24, Marshall Baghramian Avenue
0019 Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: +374-10-527-031



Armenian Academy of Sciences (since 1993 the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia) was organized on Nov. 25, 1943 on the basis established in 1935, the Armenian branch of the USSR.
One of the founders and first president of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia became a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Academy of Sciences of Armenia, and Joseph Orbeli. From 1947 to 1993. President of the Academy was a full member of the USSR and the Armenian Academy of Sciences Victor Amazaspovich Ambartsumian. From 1993 to 2006. president of the National Academy of Sciences of RA is Academician Fadei Tachatovich Sarkisyan. May 17, 2006 President of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia was elected academician Radik Martirosovich Martirosyan.

The National Academy of Sciences of Armenia is a self-governing state scientific organization, which brings together members of the Academy, as well as all researchers working in scientific institutions, organizations and enterprises of the Academy. National Academy of Sciences organizes and carries out fundamental and applied research in various fields of science, coordinates held in the Republic of fundamental research. NAS – the official scientific advisor to the authorities of the republic. The main source of funding for NAS is the state budget, serve as an additional source of funds from various funds, funds derived from contracts, agreements, contracts with customers of the republic and foreign countries.

Best Schools in Armenia

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Charents School – 9 Amiryan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

№1 Shahumyan School – Tumanyan Street Yerevan, Armenia

Moushegh Ischan School – 107/a Buzand street, Yerevan, Armenia

Jivani Ashugh School – Khorenatsi 1 d/st, Yerevan, Armenia

Physical-Mathematical School – Azatutyan Backstreet, Yerevan, Armenia

School N56 after S.Zoryan – Nor Arabkir, Yerevan, Armenia

School N120 - Movses Khorenatsi Street, Yerevan, Armenia

School No 149 – Malkhasiants bck, Yerevan, Armenia

N77 school – Shirvanzade street, Yerevan, Armenia

School N16 - Burnazian street, Yerevan, Armenia

Quantum College

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Araratian street, Yerevan 0046, Armenia

Tell: +374-10-422-217



“Quantum” College of the Republic of Armenia experimental, non-first school, which began operating in 1991. September (license H. 001).

College graduates receive a state certificate.
The School 32 classes studied about 500 students.
In recent years the College provides an annual 100-120 graduates and their 95% more than the university accepted the first year and as a rule, a significant part free of charge.
School work over 70 teacher, of which about 30 candidates and doctors of science are a part of their time teaching at YSU and other universities of: Teachers’ pedagogical work is organized by subject chairs.
1997-98 was to present College of the City schoolchildren and republican Olympiads permanent leader, the bright way School students appear in the international Olympiads: Only the International Olympiads 2009 in the Republic of 7 medals 4 “Kvantinn” is.
O zhtvats identify children and their future studies recruited by the Yerevan State University and the “quantum” College, 1996 – Since the contest matematikayits organizing the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.
Competition winning children are given the chance for free or discounted learning “quantum” School, a special project, as well as included in the Olympic classes and complete mijaggayin Olympiads heights won kvantakanneri ranks.
College is not only educational institution, but also gitamankavarzhakan innovations, new technologies, education and advanced experience in investment center.

Komitas State Conservatory

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Komitas State Conservatory

1a Sayat Nova avenue, Yerevan, Armenia

Tell: +374-10-58-11-64


Yerevan State Conservatory. Komitas (YSC) was founded in 1921, first as a music studio, and two years later – already as a higher musical educational establishment.
The need for such a school was long overdue, but the lack of state prevented its creation. And only with the acquisition of independence made possible the establishment of Armenian music school. All the preconditions for this had already existed.

First, it is the presence of rich in its diversity of genres of folk and folk-art professional.

Secondly, it is formed more by the middle of XIX century national professional composer’s art, which was represented by such large in the history of Armenian musical culture figures as Komitas, T. Chukhajyan, H.Kara-Murza, M. Yekmalyan, A. Tigranyan, A. Spendiarov and others. Although the activities of most of them took place outside of Armenia (in Istanbul, Tbilisi, Moscow, St. Petersburg), it is their creativity gave birth to the first Armenian national opera (“Arshak II” – T. Chukhajyan, 1868), an operetta, liturgy , classical ensembles, songs, etc.

By the beginning of XX century, formed the Armenian professional performing culture.Represented by alumni of Russian and European conservatories: violinist O. Nalbandian (St. Petersburg Conservatory and the Berlin Academy of Music), the singer M. Akimov (Leipzig Conservatory), musicologist M. Agayan (St. Petersburg and Moscow Conservatory), singer A. Shakhmuradyan (Paris Conservatory) etc.

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